You're right, there is more to life.

Unlock your joy

Your Higher Self is telling you it is indeed time to awaken further, to heal and transform.

Have you been overwhelmed with emotional noise, felt depleted, lost or stuck? Do your relationships need tending to and do you long for a deeper sense of belonging and connection? Are you intuitively aware that there are wounds you must heal, lessons you must learn, and inner-truths you must honor?

Your spirit is calling, and it longs to be reunited with you.

Consider this is your sacred invitation...

An internal call to slow down, tune in and allow yourself to be supported.

A part in you knows it is possible to live in this crazy time more embodied, empowered and enlivened while following your deep inner-knowing, activating true joy in living, and breathing life into your heart's deepest desires.

By doing real inner work, you learn the answers, guidance and joy you are seeking are within you. By letting go of the inner blocks to it, your inner Self shines forth and the path to peace is revealed.

Your higher self knows it is time to prioritize your own sacred inner journey and awaken to who you can be, not only for yourself but for the benefit of humanity.

There will be a better world if there are more happy, healthy, awakened, healed, and whole individuals. Since you are a part of the whole, when you heal yourself, you heal ‌the‌ ‌world. At the energetic level, consciousness is connected; therefore, from individual healing emerges collective‌ ‌healing.



An incubator of personal growth for open-hearted individuals ready to embody their deep inner-knowing and experience the complete bliss of being alive.

Shake off stagnant energy, free yourself from unnecessary pain and suffering, liberate the gifts of your soul and live into a life that excites you to wake up to.

During your 3-month custom personal growth journey, you will discover:

  • deep trust in yourself and the choices you make
  • profound self awareness and self love on the path to no longer abandoning yourself
  • tools to empower, strengthen, heal and shift your relationships
  • strength and resources to weather the storms with grace & ease
  • how to transform pain into peace & conquer your fears
  • clear boundaries that honor you and others deeply
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"Heather is a catalyst"

"I highly recommend working with her to make quantum leaps in your journey! And if you're serious about inner work, you will not find anyone better to lead your transformation. She will hold your trust and support you with her enlightened spirit and practical tools. "

Nivedita, Creator of The Goddess Qualia Method

This program is perfect for you if...

You're a kind-hearted human who currently feels a mix of things.

Whether You're...

  • a Growth-Seeker, Intuitive, HSP, Empath, Coach or Healer who has been overwhelmed with all of the heaviness and emotional noise, and lost your spark. You know what you need to do and your soul is craving a safe and sacred container to replenish your energetic batteries, take your growth to the next level, and activate your higher path. It is time to allow yourself to be supported and journey deeper within.

  • navigating relationship issues that keep bubbling up, you need help communicating and you really want things to shift, or perhaps you're in the beginning or midst of a breakup and need support navigating these rocky waters. You might be sitting in the proverbial question..."should I stay or should I go?". This same question might also apply to your career or place of living. When there's uncertainty creating inner tension, it's time to show up for inner work and find the answers within.

  • somewhat new to personal growth or have dabbled in it over the years, you've felt disheartened amongst all the changes and uncertainty occuring in the world so quickly. Maybe it's felt like an emotional rollercoaster, and you're tired and depressed, or you've been single throughout all of this and feel isolated and alone. There are things you need to address and heal but it hasn't happened yet, and there's been a lot of breakdown but not yet the break through. You've felt restless and uncertain and all you know is, something has to change. You're seeking relief, deeper insight and direction.

  • a Kind-Hearted Human who knows there is a better way. The intense stress of life has gotten the best of you, you've slipped into old habits and want to bring your best self to life. You want to use this time wisely and you're ready to live a life you can be proud of. You want to get the most out of this one life and show up for it with greater patience, kindness toward yourself and others, and experience true joy in living.

The great news is, you are in the right place.

The AWAKEN inner work coaching program will provide you with the mentoring, support, education, empowerment, and self-mastery you need to achieve your goals faster than ever before, while making the world a better place too‌ ‌(bonus!).

On this sacred journey, you will discover what life can be when you live in alignment with your truth.

Hey there, I’m Heather…

An Emotional Alchemist, Spiritual Healer, and Breakthrough Guide.

Fusing together extensive training in Inner Work,Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, Parts Therapy & Voice Dialogue, MindBody Medicine, Holistic Healing, Energy Medicine, and Meditation, I lead open-hearted individuals to heal their past, own their story, and transform their lives.

The journey wasn't perfect...

You see, when I was eighteen years old, I found myself in my darkest moment. Alone on a night of utter despair, the trauma of my sexual abuse, broken family, toxic relationship, and substance use threatened to overwhelm me. It was then that I awakened to my essence.

I intuitively knew that my purpose was to first heal myself and then to help others find healing. Since that miraculous night, I’ve been devoted to intense spiritual study and know that deep inner-work can heal our entire collective experience — one spirit at a time. 

After my own spiritual awakening, I began listening to and following the voice of wisdom within and it guided me on a 15-year Eat-Pray-Love adventure filled with healing, growth. It is still guiding me to this day.

Here we are‌ ‌today...

For over two decades, I’ve studied the intricacies of deep inner-work from spiritual leaders around the world. Using my time-honed methods, I’ll guide you to face the most honest parts of yourself, including your fears, pain of the past, and deepest desires.

It is time to embody the absolute bliss of being alive.


I've helped hundreds of people heal their deepest wounds and quiet down their fears to instead activate their deep inner-knowing and find the courage to follow it.

"Heather gave me the tools I didn't know I needed"

"She is not only an incredible soul but her powerful techniques helped me transform my negative thoughts into rational aspirations for my future." 

Julie, Amazon Executive


Intuition will guide us, blended with transformational technology and...


reap the benefit of over two decades worth of Heather's own deep healing and extensive training in personal growth, trauma healing, relationship and mindset mastery, all blended to uniquely support you in your growth.


you will be held in a safe and sacred container, guided by an expert (that's Heather) who has the strength, training, capacity, experience, intuition, heart + soul and sensitivity to hold you. You will feel deeply supported, seen, heard and loved, even outside of the sessions.


during sessions, you will experience a unique blend of heart-centered hypnotherapy, mindbody medicine, inner child healing, shadow work, esoteric teachings, heightened intuition & energy psychology to take you into the most sacred and truthful parts of you where real healing takes place.


your journey will contain tools of empowerment including; books, inner work journaling prompts and subconscious reprogramming. You will learn to channel the messages of your soul and transform anything that arises.

Your sacred investment includes:

  • 3-months of high-level personal coaching including every other week private zoom sessions with time to integrate, practice and learn
  • On-going high-level accountability and support having me as your "BFF Coach In Your Backpocket" - access to me outside of the sessions via voice text, Whatsapp or Marco Polo
  • Personalized Inner Work assignments geared to support your optimal growth
  • First dibs + discounts on tickets to upcoming online courses for all of 2021
  • Access to my library of guided meditations to help ground and focus as you move through this powerful work
  • Access to my Soul On Fire Seekers community on Facebook for additional support and inspiration

Plus, these powerful bonuses

  • A free ticket to any Soul On Fire Workshops for the duration of your program (approximately of $111 per workshop)
  • A guided meditation recording tailored just for you ($297)
  • A customized mantra postcard to help you stay aligned with your intentions and keep your growth and focus top of mind, until it becomes your new default ($111)
  • And by the way, one of my love languages is gifts so open your heart to receive!

For this special offer your investment is only $2222 if paid in full, $888 for three monthly payments, or $555 for five monthly payments


Your commitment call will help us evaluate our dynamics and make sure we're‌ ‌a‌ ‌good‌ ‌fit.


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My Commitment, When You Choose This Path, Is To...

  • Show up fully, with all I've got, with my whole heart and soul
  • Powerfully stand for your highest transformation + ability to become all that you are meant to be via high level accountability and truth-telling (with spunk, humor and whole lotta love)
  • Lovingly hold space for you to courageously face what has been holding you back so you can finally break FREE
  • Hold a mirror for you to fully embrace & love all of you
  • Empower you with life changing tools that will support you throughout the rest of your life

Heather will TRANSFORM your life in ways you never imagined. And she does it in a safe and sacred space, she sees YOU as you are in all of your beautiful glory. 

— Mary

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative within yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self transformation” - Lao Tzu


Real Results From Real People Who Did The Work:

"The work I did with Heather was not only the most insightful and most deep but also cleared the most stored up emotions and moved out of my body in a very short period of time.

As a former psychotherapist myself I am amazed at how a few hours with her can help you get clear on an issue troubling you in your life, see how YOUR part in it is keeping you in the same pattern, move those emotions out of your body, write a new story and start taking clear new action."

- Jessica., Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach

"It's hard for me to articulate what working with Heather and attending her workshops has meant to me and the healing that has started to take place. My life had started to become unmanageable and I had become dormant.

I have been on a journey of self-exploration and discovery for so many years, but the truth is I was blind. Now I see. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Shar, Seattle, WA

By divine timing, mine and Heather's paths crossed - our initial phone conversation was just the beginning of what would become years of inner work with her as my guide. I attended a Soul on Fire retreat soon after my cancer treatment began, where I touched the tip of the iceberg of "inner work" DEEP inner work. The kind of work I didn't know existed. 

I uncovered things within myself that I had no idea were there...things that were holding me back from living my truth. 

She gave me the tools to stay on this path of personal growth, so that whenever I find myself slipping back into old ways - her guidance is there to steer me in the right direction. 

She believes in you, when you don't. She will sure as shit give you tough love when you need to hear it, and will even do it with some sass and a great sense of humor!"

- Mary, Higher Self Photography, Bothell, WA

"Coaching with Heather has taught me the importance of being kind and gentle with myself when I slip into moments of fear, to comfort my inner child and to be purposeful and intentional in my life.

She has taught me that to live a life that is in alignment with my true desires, my values and how I most want to feel, I must pay attention. And to deeply appreciate the gift that it is to be alive, to see it as sacred and treat it as such.

What I love about working with Heather is that she genuinely cares. She has an intuition that sees me on the inside and knows how to push or remind at the exact right time where I need to tune in. I don't think I could ever find a more motivating and caring person to have by my side. If you are truly ready to see your life change, Heather is the person to help you do it.

She is a pure gift that was added to my life - and I am so grateful!"

- Mandy, Amazon Employee

"Heather is the calm and peaceful person who helps me quiet the negative thoughts, fears or feelings of “me vs. them” when they rear their ugly head.

She’s the sensible and soothing voice, quite literally, when I’m replaying my “story” in my head and it would have me cower in fear or anger – rather than remember who I really am. Divine. Love. Strong. Woman.

Heather shows you a different way to consider and approach obstacles; and how to do that consistently for yourself. Work with Heather if you want to dig deeper into your stories, your purpose and how to address and overcome that which does not serve you, so you can awaken to who you are truly meant to be in this world.” ​

- Tracy K., Entrepreneur & Founder of The Power of She & ChickChat

"Heather Fantin is a light in this world. She gets real about what it means to evolve and start living our highest purpose. As a new mother, I absolutely don’t know what I would have done without Heather’s gentle, loving support. She has a way of shining a light on your soul, reminding you that you are strong and beautiful and when something is hard, there is a hidden opportunity to learn BIG. 

Practicing the tools Heather has given me helps me to be in the moment, get through parenting challenges and remember to savor the beauty of right now. I wouldn't be where I am today without her loving guidance.

If you're ready to get serious and do the work, call Heather, she'll help you get where you are meant to go. Don't wait, the world needs your unique genius, the world needs all of you. It's time to stop living small. You won't regret it."

- Rebecca B., Advocate for Women & Birth, Parent Educator and Global Bridge Builder


My team and I are here to help -- email directly at: 



Reach Out. You don’t have to feel lost any longer. Together, we’ll map your path home to your highest self and let the inner-work begin.