Buckle Up My Friend, Life is About to Get MAGICAL! 


You've worked with me in the past, been to one of my retreats, loved my workshops, heard me speak, spent a year in my Inner Circle, and have had incredible breakthroughs, but you want more...YOU NEED MORE!!! 

More healing, more growth, more breakthroughs...You want lasting TRANSFORMATION!

You want to create a life that, at this point, only exists in your dreams...

ALL of the healing and happiness you seek is right at your fingertips. Life is already guiding you. In fact, it guided you right here, right now, today. 

I've had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people over the last few months and I've noticed that a lot of you...

  • Doubt your ability to create real change in your life
  • Can't seem to break out of old habits no matter what you do
  • See the same patterns over and over, and they're not changing
  • Can't breakthrough the cycle of self sabotage that is holding you back 

This will continue to be your reality unless you get further support to integrate all that you know!

You know just how powerful this work is, and you know that THIS IS YOUR TIME.  

You are here for a reason.  

Yet, that little voice in the back of your mind continues to doubt your ability to actually show up for this work. That part of you has been gathering evidence to prove that therapy, coaching and self help just don't work.  

I get it, I understand how defeating that voice can be. 

But guess what? 

I am here to radically support you like you’ve never been supported before.  

How would it feel to be fully supported, to be held in your highest, kept accountable for showing up for yourself, and encouraged and empowered with life-changing tools, mindset hacks and relationship skills to master your life and love?

2018 IS THE YEAR where you... 

  • Look back and feel proud of how you fiercely and lovingly showed up for yourself
  • Push through limitations that are holding you back
  • Step into your power and embrace your gifts 
  • Shatter old patterns you are tired of repeating and create new, healthy, empowered patterns 
  • Shake loose from your past and finally start living life from a deeply aligned, authentic and joyful place

A life you love is possible! Growth takes action...

Throughout the next 4 months, I will guide you through an empowering process of self discovery and awareness where you get to uncover, unravel, and undo the stories of your life to create a new, authentic, and deeply aligned vision grounded in the truth of who you are and what you desire.

Your healing is right at your fingers tips!

When you commit to your transformation, you will receive...

Accountability and support like never before. I am fiercely committed to standing for your transformation and making sure that you are held accountable to show up for yourself in a loving, kind, powerful way. 

But I only want to work with you if you're ALL IN, more so than you have ever been before. More than you ever thought possible. ALL IN

You must commit to...

  • Dive deeper than you ever have
  • Show up for this work everyday
  • Put in 110% effort
  • Push yourself everyday to get out of your comfort zone 

This work ONLY WORKS if you WORK IT.  

Haven't experienced the permanent change you were seeking in the past? 

One of the main reasons you haven't seen big (permanent) life changes even though you're doing personal growth work is because you only kind of do the work and as a result, it only kind of works. 

Life is going to support you to get the most out of this program. All that is required is that you show up fully for this assignment. 

NOW IS THE TIME for you to get the support you need to create lasting change. You CAN breakthrough!! I’ll be with you every step of the way…I promise! 

Introducing: Heather Fantin's Finish Strong 2018

Sign Up Today! In this transformational program, you'll receive everything you need to...

Clear the fog of confusion and move forward with greater clarity and confidence, take deep breaths and feel a sense of relief, tap into the wisdom of your heart and discover a path to set you free, and focus on what truly matters so you get can the most out of this one life.  

In this transformational coaching program, you will get...

  • 1:1 Coaching, 2 (60-minute) sessions per month (want more time? ask me about upgrading!)
  • Support to breakthrough your blocks, old habits, and patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • High level accountability complete with check-ins and guidance via text or email in between appoitments
  • A coach that is ON FIRE to make sure you finally BREAKTHROUGH into the NEW you've been seeking
  • Tools and resources to guide you through your transformation as you integrate new practices into your life
  • Exclusive announcements and discount pricing for all programs launched during our time together 


If you've been with me for awhile, you know that I have never offered my one-on-one programs at this price point and can't imagine doing it again! 

You see, I have been living a Spirit-driven life since my own awakening all those years ago and was guided to create this offer at this particular price point JUST FOR YOU. And when I am being called, I show up! 

I want to invite you to have faith that you too are being called, you clicked on this page for a reason and NOW IS THE TIME for you to get the support you need to create lasting change. Life is short, don't waste it silently being miserable and uncertain. 


If you've landed on this page and we've never officially worked together, I’m Heather Fantin, a Spiritual Breakthrough Coach, Inner Work Facilitator and creator of the Soul On Fire Retreats.

My moment of awakening happened two decades ago after a period of intense trauma, accidents, illness, loss and addiction. I saw my life for what it truly was and knew things had to radically change or it would not end well for me. I couldn't stay stuck in my pain and patterns any longer.  

My awakening fueled my life’s work and created a purpose in me like no other.

I've been called to act as a personal and spiritual guide to those who are ready to take their power back, show up authentically, live their truth, set healthy boundaries, and love with their whole heart.

I’m here to guide you to breakthrough and break-free from the limitations of your past and help you get unstuck so you can move forward empowered and free.  

I would love to serve as your Spiritual Guide.

But first, if we've never worked together, I'd like the the opportunity to get to know you...

Click Here to Book an Initial Breakthrough Session

This Breakthrough Session is great way to kick-start your coaching program with me. It is laser focused and designed for you to experience a significant breakthrough in your life right now! Book this session AND secure your spot in my Finish Strong program to maximum results. 

During our time together, you will...

  • Experience massive breakthroughs as you clear the fog of confusion and move forward with greater clarity 
  • Feel the weight lifted off your shoulders as you breathe a little deeper feeling a deep sense of release and relief
  • Ignite a renewed sense of hope as you tap into the wisdom of your heart and discover a path to set you free 

I’ll help you focus on what truly matters so you get can the most out of this one life.

Get results right away and leave your session with greater clarity on how to move forward empowered and inspired. 

Your big breakthrough is just one click away! 

"Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase" - Martin Luther King Jr.

Don't just take my word for it, or even the beautiful person who shared this offer with you, check out what other people are saying about the power of this work:

"The work I did with Heather was not only the most insightful and most deep but also cleared the most stored up emotions moved out of my body in a very short period of time. As a former psychotherapist myself I am amazed at how a few hours with her can help you get clear on an issue troubling you in your life, see how YOUR part in it is keeping you in the same pattern, move those emotions out of your body, write a new story and start taking clear new action. It was honestly a transformational process that everyone needs to do if they are ready to release some garbage that is keeping them stuck and desire a new way to be! Bravo Heather. Wow!" - Jessica Butts, CEO Front Seat Life  

"It's hard for me to articulate what this experience has meant to me and the healing that has started to take place. My life had started to become unmanageable and I had become dormant. I have been on a journey of self-exploration and discovery for so many years, but the truth is I was blind. Now I see. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sending you so much love and light, Heather. You are truly loved. You are necessary in this world. Thank you for making a difference with every connection you make. Every smile you give and receive is an exchange of unconditional love." - Shar B., Seattle  

Meet Heather Fantin  

Spiritual Breakthrough Coach and Founder of the Soul on Fire Retreats, Heather Fantin specializes in transformative inner-work and empowerment for individuals and groups.  

She is a sought-after speaker and men and women alike seek her out when they are ready for a big breakthrough including bringing closure to the past, healing toxic relationships, and dissolving old patterns of behavior that no longer serve so they can make empowered, conscious decisions instead. ​ Working with Heather, you will discover what has really been holding you back, find your inner voice, rise up to your most authentic and empowered self, and learn to show up with courage, vulnerability and clarity in all of your relationships to create a life you truly love. Just being around her makes you breathe a little deeper as her loving, grounded presence guides you to the truth that is within.

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